Cat's eye/Chrysoberyl

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Model: Cat's eye/Chrysoberyl
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Astrological association : Leo
Chakra : Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown
Healing qualities : Helps you to see both sides of an argument, and the best in any situation. Helps to break
cycles. It has magical properties. Dispels negative energy from the aura and provides protection. It brings
confidence, happiness, serenity, and good luck.
your goals. Combats selfishness, boisterousness, and vulgarity.
Physical : good for the health of the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Helps cholesterol problems and infections. Aids
understanding and coming to terms with illness. Treats eye disorders and improves night vision. Also relieves
headaches and facial pain.
Emotional : brings forgiveness, peace of mind, and kindness to self. Helps personal spirituality.