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Astrological association : Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Chakra : Heart
Healing qualities : Brings health, balance, energy, wealth, abundance, knowledge, creativity, longevity, passion,
and protection. Helps with decision making, new beginnings and change. Can be used for distant healing.
Promotes the will to live, mental health and healing, and brain activity.
Physical : promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and the health of the immune and circulatory system. Good for
anemia, bleeding/blood loss, blood cleansing/detox, low blood pressure, and fever. Good for the health of the
embryo. Protects from lightning strikes.
Emotional : helps anguish, distress, suffering, nightmares. Good for dreams, spirit guides, astral travel, remote
viewing, spiritual wisdom, meditation, peak experiences, and re-birth. Helps access akashic records. Star ruby is
good for cleansing and focusing energy, and enlightenment.