Three Musketeers

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It is including….
- Tiger's eye
Astrological association : Capricorn
Chakra : Solar Plexus
Healing qualities : This is a "feel better" and a "go for it" stone. Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings,
absent/distant healing (especially through meditation), and sharpening the mind. Assists intuitions, gut feelings,
and investigations and, as such, is useful for the police, scientists, insurers, and accountants. Helps narrow
mindedness. Brings wealth and yin-yang balance and right-left brain balance.
Physical : good for nocturnal vision and the entire digestive system. Helps digestion and digestive disorders
including flatulence, nausea, and diverticulosis. Also is helpful for eye diseases and broken bones.
Emotional : good for balance, calm and grounding. Helps fear, worry, depression, turmoil, inhibition, negativity,
introversion. Good for people who are deliberately obstructive.
- Red Tiger's eye
Astrological association : Capricorn
Chakra : Base
Healing qualities : Encourages practicality.
Emotional : good for emotional control.
- Blue Tiger's eyeEncourages practicality.
Astrological association : Capricorn
Chakra : Base
Healing qualities : Aids the overanxious, quick-tempered, and phobic. Protects from bad energy and accident.
Physical : slows the metabolism, cools an overactive sex drive, and dissolves sexual frustrations.
Emotional : calming and releases stress.