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Astrological association : Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces
Chakra : Throat
Healing qualities : Protects travelers (whether your journey is local or across the world) and property, and
keeps you safe from accidents. Good for creative expression, courage, communication, wisdom, compassion,
romance, love, and friendship. Helps public speaking and writing. Gets rid of pollution. Allows you to see the
beauty in everything.
Physical : a multi-purpose healer for the body. Good for the muscles, circulation, lungs, throat, and the
absorption of nutrients. Helps general malaise, arthritis, rheumatism, skeletal pain, such as backache, flu, allergies,
asthma, bronchitis, breathing, tissue regeneration, weight gain, wind pains, headaches, whiplash, air sickness,
cataracts, wounds, post-operative recovery, and stress-related skin disorders (as an elixir). Aids detox. Alleviates
the harmful effects of radiation.
Emotional : good for emotional balance, meditation (grounding peak experiences), spirit contact, all psychic
abilities, astral travel, spirituality, peace of mind, and yin-yang balance. Offers the mental and spiritual clarity to see
your own path in life. Helps suspicious minds and negativity.